Connect 4 Prosperity

Your quarterly appointment with meditation, visualization and intuition exercise for your business, career and personal life. 


To achieve your goal you need stillness, meditation and no judgement


An appointment for reconnecting with yourself

This is an exclusive membership program for entrepreneurs and professionals and for anyone interested in integrating meditation, energy work and intuition into their daily routine to create prosperity in their business/career as well as in their personal life. 

Our fast-paced life and our daily committments make us feel "overwhelmed". We constantly receive inputs and think thoughts that prevent us from taking the time to enjoy stillness and silence to be able to listen to ourselves. We look for answers and solutions to our problems outside ourselves, when everything we need to make the right decisions in our personal and professional life already exists within.

However, confusion in our mind and in our emotions prevents us from listening and feeling our intuition, our feelings and our answers. This is why it is important to make an appointment with ourselves so that we can re-connect with with our inner self, the wisest part of us who knows all the answers. 

On the first and third Monday of the month at 9:00PM CEST ((3:00PM EST; 8:00PM GMT) we'll meet on Zoom (you will receive an email with the link and instructions to join the meeting) and I will guide you on a meditation, a visualization and an energy practice and I will answer all your questions to help you be centered and aligned throught your daily activities. 

Membership includes 2 monthly meditation, visualization and energy work meetings, access to recorded meditations and other materials to help you create prosperity in your business and in your personal life. 



Only € 16 /month (VAT included, where applicable) 

When does the program start and end? The program starts now and ends whenever you decide!

For how long can I access the program? Once you register you'll have unlimited access to the program for the entire duration of your membership. You can access the program from all your devices

I have never meditated before. Is it a problem? Absolutely not. You will learn various meditation, visualization and energy techniques in the program.

What if I'm not happy with the program? We'll be very sorry! However, if you are not satisfied you can cancel your membership at any time

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Your coach

Hi, I'm Paola Devescovi, Transformational Business & Prosperity Coach and multi passionate entrepreneur.  

I became a coach following a "tzunami" that hit my life, forcing me to -re-invent myself after a 26-year long successful career as conference interpreter. 

My passon for the human mind and energy started very early in my life: I was 19 when I received the book You can heal your life by Louise Hay. Since that booked I've never stopped investing on myself and explore the human energy dimension. Since then meditation has been part of my dayly routine; I practiced yoga and tai chi. I'm a third level reiki healer. I'm studying energy medicine and psychoogy, applied kinesiology, I'm a certified Tapping Into Wealth (TIW) Coach, a method that uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and chakra work to release money blocks as well as blocks in other areas of life.

Freedom e prosperity are two values that have always driven my choices in life: freedom to organize my days and work as I want; freedom to have a location-independent business; prosperity to me means having the resources that allow me to experience freedom in my life. These to values and my most important "why" - my kids - have shaped my business (, and led me to create joint ventures that enabled me to turn some of my dreams a reality. .

I have had lots of downs and some good wins. I have grown through breaking through many challenges. I have studied - and continue to study - as much as possible about life, people, success, business, money, synchronicity, the ultimate nature of our reality, manifestation and intuition, raising my energy and re-wiring my mind.onicità, la natura della nostra realtà, manifestazione e intuizione, aumentare e migliorare l’energia e come riprogrammare la nostra mente.  

I learned a lot and I continue to learn day after day. I believe that education is a life-long investment. Today I'm following my passion of helping others discover their potential to live a fulfilling and happy life, seize the opportunities that life inevitably puts before us, achieve their goals and dreams, and understand that prosperity, in all its forms, is not something that only a few lucky people can achieve: it already exists inside ourselves. All we need to do is look within and bring it out!  

I'm happy that the results of my often unconventional and metaphysical approach led me to meet Andrea Gadducci, engineer and quantum physicist and together we have created the Quantum Prosperity Coaching System to help as many people as possible eliminate the blocks that stop them from creating the prosperity they desire - and deserve - in their professional and personal life. c

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Give yourself the gift of precious time to re-connect with your inner self!