Make 2018 your best year ever!

Reach and even exceed your business or personal goals by aligning them to your values and vision through coaching, support, powerful energy techniques and the right strategies for you.  

Sign up to the "Tapping 4 Prosperity" group coaching program 

before January 30 to enjoy my special rate! 

We start on 6 February 2018!



This is a 6-Month Results-Oriented Online Group Business Coaching & Tapping Program with Prosperity & Business Coach, Paola Devescovi  

You can join this program from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world (2 time options available).

We’ll be using tapping and other powerful energy techniques to help you release the resistance and overcome the blocks that may prevent you from finally making the long term changes you desire and get the results you deserve in your business or career. 

The group will support you to take action and achieve your goals, specifically in business, finances, career but with surprising effects also in other areas of your life, using the power of tapping and other energy techniques.

What is Tapping? Tapping ( or EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple mind-body technique that requires you to tap on acupuncture energy points on the body that can often provide significant relief for emotional and physical problems. Thanks to this technique, if there is any emotional block, limiting belief, or burden that prevents you from reaching or committing to your goals, it will be very rapidly gone, thus letting you pursue your professional dreams.

In this program you will learn how to use tapping consistently, and we will support you in how to do so, to accelerate and deepen and extend your results.  


Your coach

Paola Devescovi

Business and Prosperity Coach

Founder of Project Prosperity

The time to achieve your dreams and goals is now!  

Get into action with the support of tapping, the power of intentions, and energy coaching techniques!  

How does the program work? Before starting the program, you will receive a Welcome Packet that you will fill in and send back to us before our first group coaching appointment. The Welcome Packet will give me all the important information to help me make the program as personalized as possible to each participant.

You’ll then join me, Paola Devescovi, and a small supportive group of like-minded business owners and professionals live in video conference (we’ll be using Zoom or another video conference platform*) and I’ll coach, teach, and support you to make the changes you seek.

We will meet twice a month for a total of 12 group sessions over a 6-month period. Each group session will last around 90 minutes, and will include some teaching as well as coaching and a lot of tapping together. I will provide techniques, tips, strategies as well as group and individual tapping exercises to help you overcome your inner blocks and resistance to making the changes and goals you want to achieve.

Between sessions, you can reach me by email.

There will also be a private Facebook community just for group members where you can share your wins, challenges, ask for help, and support each other as you make the changes you desire. These private communities have been one of the most valuable parts of my programs, and many group members establish long-term supportive relationships from them. I will visit the group regularly and offer my support.

Every session will be recorded so if you miss a session you can access the recording and also review each session as many times as you like. However, the most benefits will be gained from attending live.  

 Dates for Live Group Coaching Sessions: Coaching sessions will be held at 12:00 pm CEST (GMT+1) or 7.00pm CEST on the following dates:

NOTE: Check the exact time and date in your area.  

6 February 

20 February  

6 March 

20 March

10 April  

 24 April  

8 May 

22 May 

5 June

19 June

3 July

17 July  

Sign up before January 30 to enjoy my special rate! 

The full rate for this 6-month coaching program will be € 750 or 6 x monthly payments of € 150 (total € 900).

Until midnight on Wednesday January 31, the rate is just € 499 for the entire 6-month program! Or 6 easy monthly payments of € 99 per month (Total of € 594).

That’s a massive saving and the best rate we’ve ever charged for a live online group coaching program of this nature.

To make the group coaching work most effective, I only accept maximum 20 people in each group (either 12:00pm or 7:00 pm), first come first served. 


From wherever you want!

Provided you have an Internet connection and a device you can connect from.

We will be using either Zoom or another video conferencing platform that require a computer, phone, or tablet with a camera. You simply click on the link you’ll receive and you’re live with the whole group. This format means you get to see and interact with all the group members, just like at a live workshop.  


As this is a small group program and results depend on your commitment, no refunds are available. If you sign up for the monthly payment option and choose to discontinue your participation before the 6 months are up, you will continue to be charged until you have paid the full amount. For additional information and possibility to pay through bank transfer (full payment only), please contact: