A Live Online Mindfulness and Energy Balancing Retreat

with Margreeth Van Der Oord and Paola Devescovi

23 January 2021

An opportunity to discover something new about yourself,

step out of your daily busy routine,

create a calm and undisturbed space where you can tap into a larger world for new insights.

We are so used to get outside ourselves for new solutions. But what about exploring a different perspective from the inside out?

What about finding the clarity you need inside yourself? And using your natural abilities like: intuition, energy centers, higher wisdom, right brain capacities to find new direction for your business and life?

Do you find it difficult to keep a positive mindset in the face of the uncertainty and difficulties generated by covid19?

Is stress and anxiety keeping you awake at night?

If you recognize yourself in any of these.....

Join us on 23 January!

And you will experience a simple way to get back into the driver's seat, be clear on what you want to attract, find focus and intention and re-connect with your innate power!

We will offer you tools and practices to explore the mind, recognize your inner messages, your innate power, raise your energy levels to perform better, get more clarity and lower your stress levels.

NOTE: there can be side effects, like improved sleep, reduced mood swings, increased optimism and better relationships with yourself, your spouse, family and co-workers.

There will be silence, guided meditation, mindfulness, movement, sharing and time to reflect together.

We will be using Zoom and the retreat WILL NOT be recorded to ensure the privacy of this sacred space.

An online retreat offers you the same benefits as an in-person retreat while you can stay safe at home, or wherever you want to be.

There is no special meditation experience required, the retreat is for every level of experience.

For your own comfort, our advice is to wear comfortable clothes and keep plenty of water within hand. If you like you can bring with you candles, incense and crystals, although it is not necessary.

Please make sure you will have a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and be available for the entire duration of the sessions.

23 JANUARY: it's one whole day and will be divided into 3 blocks with breaks every hour and for lunch and dinner

If you have already joined us in one of our retreats before, you are more than welcome to participate and deepen your inner exploration.


To support you in your further practice, you will receive the recorded guided meditations, visualizations, mindfulness exercises and of the other tools we will use during the retreat.

And, when you register, you will receive:

1. Suggestions to make the space where you will attend the retreat a special, sacred corner, infused with positive energy and with scents that will help your energy and meditation.

2. A special "retreat lunch meal" specifically created for our retreat from Italian Chef Simone Bekhet of La Scala restaurant in Rome

3. Suggestions to make the most of the breaks between sessions, nurture all your senses, connect with nature and deepen the connection with yourself.

Upcoming Retreat - 23 January 2021

 10:00-13:00 |14:30-17:30 | 19:30-21:30

€ 135

(including VAT)

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PLEASE NOTE: As this is a small group program , NO REFUNDS are available. If by any chance you cannot participate, we will issue a voucher that that will enable to to join a retreat on another date.

For additional information and possibility to pay through bank transfer, please contact: info@projectprosperity.com

Our Customers Say

About Us

"I was attracted by the title of the workshop as a magnet…”coming home”…it is a recurrent theme in my life long passion for self growth, the Seeker in me is always on its way, always lured by “somewhere else”, the paradox of continuously wanting to become “more” of - fill in the blank. 

An essential part of finding balance and allowing the seeds to root and grow within, is knowing when and how to pause, and simply be…like an ancient stone, like a majestic tree, like the foundation of one’s home, inside and out…

….slowing down, being present, allowing myself to carve out precious time for really staying with what is, for feeling the body and embracing it, here and now, with all its limits - without flying away into the thoughts attached to what “should” be done about the aches and pains, as Margreeth gently reminds us, while guiding us through different forms of mindfulness practices…

Noticing how my energy shifts in a moment through breathing and energy practices guided by Paola, my legs tingle with aliveness, my energy uplifts…when she guides us softly through visualizations, I feel my heart expanding and opening as I reconnect with who I am already, if I just allow myself to “come home” to myself. 

A wholehearted thank you to Paola and Margreeth, for creating gentle, open space, soulful hours of intimate authentic connection with myself and with each other, in a safe holding environment in which to share."

Barbara Jacobucci - Psychotherapist

Meet your retreat facilitators

Margreeth Van Der Oord

 Hi, I'm Margreeth Van der Oord, “I discovered many roads to look into the hearts of people and holding the space for them”.

I am a pioneer additional healthcare, Professional in Management (MSM), International Certified Mindfulness Teacher.

I have an extensive work experience in schools, organizations, local politics, collaboration with artists. I've started my enterpreneurial experience in 1992, as well as a background in pedagogics, psychology, management, mindfulness and meditation.

I've participated in highly qualified training programs including:
*National MBCT-MBSR
*International Meditation Teacher. MMTCP-program (CA) Instructed by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield ea Accr. Berkeley Univ.of CA.

To know more about myself and my work, please visit: https://innatepower.live

Paola Devescovi

Hi, I'm Paola Devescovi, multi passionate Internet entrepreneur, Certified Transformational, Prosperity and Yoga Breath Coach, Reiki Master Teacher. I'm also a student of life, people, success, business, money, synchronicity, the ultimate nature of our reality, manifestation and intuition, energy and the mind.

Everything I have learned - and continue to learn - is part of my very unconventional and metaphysical approach to business and coaching that I combine with science, mind-body techniques, strategy and ancient wisdom to help my clients achieve often miraculous results. What I teach is the result of my personal experience and are the same principles and approach that I apply in my life and businesses.

To know more about me and my work, please visit: www.thebridgecenter.net

Ready to give yourself the gift of this time for yourself?